Infra international glass products are crafted in small plants which work in generating little versions for worldwide craftsmen and creators. The designers and craftsman function as a group. Keeping in mind the end goal to provide great master piece, the groups carries a high level of expertise and experience, additionally coordination international standards.

Each item goes through several stages of processing including mechanical and hand cut and quality check then it become and artisan with the unique design. Each products of unit is a true sample of craftsmanship.


Indian is famous for its brass products and we at Infra International is making them may of them. Our metal products are made of high quality of raw material and the perfect blend of creativity.

These products are often used to enhance the look of your house, office, bar or lounge.


We do update our Lamps design regularly and always select the best qua;ity materials for them, it takes the finest quality of glass, metal and wires used to give and classy look to your room and keep it safe for any hazardous situation.

Our decorative hurricane lamps are available in various shapes and designs with excellent finishings.